What is byt2 ?

byt2 a property management firm that is changing the way residential real estate is leased. We maximize the value of properties by transforming traditional long-term rental properties into five-star luxury homes for Airbnb, and other platforms.

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We Boost Your Revenues

A short-term rent with us can earn you up to 70% more than your regular long-term rent.

  • Pricing Strategy by Artificial Intelligence

    Every day we use intelligent pricing algorithms to ensure you are maximizing occupancy and revenue almost every night of the week.

  • Access to Your Dashboard

    In real time, you can keep track of your flat statistics in our dashboard. We will teach you everything about it and ensure you can have everything under control at anytime, anywhere.

  • Monthly Reports of Your Net Performance

    As a property owner you are provided with a detailed trust account statement at the end of each month detailing all activities, accommodation pay-outs and other figures.

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We Earn Only When You Earn

It’s in our best interest to create the most appealing listing and deliver an exceptional 360° service, focusing on both you and your guest.

  • Professional Photography

    We all know what a crispy, High-Quality, colourful picture can do to your senses. We ensure the best photos from a professional photographer to make your flat even more appealing to your guests. Without any additional cost!

  • Luxury Guest Experience

    We make sure every guest receives a luxury service and a five-star experience from the check-in to the check-out. Happy guests mean positive reviews, higher occupancy and greater returns.

  • Hotel Quality Cleaning and Linen

    Guest have high expectations and we are here to satisfy them. A trained team will take care of all the dirty work and leave your space clean and fresh.

  • Interior Design and Decor

    If you feel like your flat has a bigger potential but you don’t know where to start from, we can advise and assist you through this process.

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It’s About Your Peace of Mind

Earning more while getting rid of annoying bureaucracy, contracting, late or unpaid rents and property damages? All this is possible with byt2.

  • We Carefully Screen All Your Guests

    Before approving any booking of your property, we carefully screen your guests and ensure they fit our prearranged requirements.

  • Flexibility

    With byt2, you are free to use your property whenever you want. No more long-term contracts!

  • Property maintenance

    What if something breaks? Since we inspect your property after every check-out, we will spot potential issues with your property and fix them as soon as possible.

As a native digital agency with a passion for real estate, we fully understand the digital environment and know how to promote your property online to get the best returns. Our partners:

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and 20 more...

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